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Monday, July 5, 2010

L1b Interview Questions

Generally the following questions can be expected,the interview would be a breeze if you practice well (that too with your family)

  • What will you do in the US ?
  • Describe your job responsibilities in the US?
  • Why are you chosen to go to the US,doesn't your company have others to choose from ?
  • Who is your client?
  • What work do you do for your client ?
  • What specialized knowledge do you possess to work with him ?
  • What is the number of years you worked in this process/tool/technology/domain ?
  • What is your total experience in your job area ?
  • Since when have you been working for the company ?
  • Who will manage you in US?
  • Will you get offshore salary?
  • Where are you going to stay in US ?
  • Is your manager also in US ?
  • What is your primary contact and how is he related to you ?
  • Why cannot you do the work from your native country why do you need to travel to US ?
  • Can your manager fire you,if so ,what will you do in US after the action ?
  • Who is going to pay you for your work in US ?
  • How long are you expecting the stay in US (if the project ends earlier like 1 year,what will you do)?

Questions for L2 visa
  • When did you get married ?
  • When did you meet your spouse for the first time ? Are you related to each other ?
  • Do you have kids?
  • Can i see your marriage album ?
  • Can i see your spouse's payslips?
  • When is your spouse's birthday?
  • Do you have kids?
  • What are their names (if you have)?
  • Thier birthdays (if you have)?
  • Are you going to work in US (fundamental question - Always say '*NO*')[you can always get an I765 Employment authorization document ,if the L2 Dependant wants to work]